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French Chops

Posted July 6, 2012 by Staff in The Food
French Pork Chops

Grilled and baked pork chops topped with cream, bacon, mushroom, and wilted onion over mashed potato. $25

* A Secret Menu Item *
This item is on our “Secret Menu” and will not show up on any of the regular menus in our restaurant. Often these unadvertised items were custom created for regular guests that had a special dietary needs, eclectic taste buds, or contain very seasonal or difficult to come by ingredients. Don’t hesitate to ask for an item off the Secret Menu the next time you visit, but don’t look for it on the menu. We ask that you please be understanding if a Secret Menu item is temporarily unavailable. Now you know the secret. Shhhh!!

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Our close-knit family at OTS includes everyone from the folks that meet you at the door, serve you at the bar or table, answer the phone, cook the food, and post information on the web. It's truly takes a team to get it right!

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    Daedre Schagh

    These are the most magnificent pork chops I have ever had!

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